Finding and retaining motivated employees is human work. We know our clients and candidates through and through. That is the advantage of Multimax.

The perfect match starts with mapping out your wishes and requirements. Knowledge of your core business, company culture and working method are indispensable. For this we dig deep into your organization. Which qualifications must the temporary worker meet? Which diplomas and certificates are important? How long do you want to bind him or her and how? Your personal job coach has an answer to all your questions.

As we know you, we also know the candidates we nominate. They are not only extensively screened for technical skills, experience and work ethic, but also for language skills, social attitude and adaptability. Thanks to our effective selection method, you are always assured of employees who adapt easily, are reliable and work hard with very low absenteeism.


Multimax more than lives up to your expectations

Multimax has been the specialist in flexible personnel services for clients in various industries since 2010 . You can always count on a personal approach, a clear working method and 24/7 support, advice and action. Do you have vacancies that need to be filled quickly for a short or longer period? Multimax is already working for you, multifunctional and with maximum efficiency!

  • Fully certified

    Multimax is a flexible and fully certified partner in the field of flexible and profitable personnel services.

  • Qualified and motivated employees

    Multimax searches and wins for secondment experienced specialists in various branches. From horticulture to logistics and from metal to food processing industry.

  • Careful recruitment & selection

    Multimax screens the candidates on skills, experience, attitude and adaptability, so that they meet the profile you have drawn up.

  • Training and guidance

    Multimax trains the employees and guides them in the workplace so that they are quickly used to your work processes and company culture.

  • Delivery reliability & continuity

    Multimax always finds the right employees at the right time and ensures that you always have sufficient manpower available.

  • Housing and transport

    Multimax provides pleasant housing near the workplace. We also make our fleet available to employees.

  • Fixed contact person

    Multimax is available 24/7. You can always count on adequate support from your permanent job coach.

  • Limitlessly good

    Multimax has been the specialist in personal personnel services for more than 15 years. Flexible, effective and simply boundlessly good.

    Great partner.

    "Multimax provides good accommodation: small-scale and close to the workplace. For our employees, this means a home base where they feel comfortable and do not have long travel times. A very nice partner to work with!"

    - Arjan Kreuter, Multimax BV